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VL 17 INSURANCE AGENCY LLC is a Houston-based Commercial auto liability insurance agency that serves all over Texas. Commercial auto liability insurance covers the cost of accidents in business-owned vehicles. Our agents will assist you to choose the right plans according to your needs.

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance in Texas

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance covers all vehicles listed on a business owner’s commercial vehicle policy, whether owned, non-owned, or hired. It may also extend to those vehicles you add during the policy’s term, even if you forget to inform your insurance company.

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Need Help With DOT Compliance?

What is DOT compliance? Is obtaining DOT compliance mandatory? DOT drug & alcohol testing purpose?

DOT compliance refers to adhering to the regulations set by the U.S. Department of Transportation. It applies to companies involved in transportation, ensuring safe practices for commercial drivers, vehicle inspections, drug testing, and maintaining necessary licenses.

Yes, obtaining DOT compliance is mandatory for commercial trucks in the United States. Commercial truck operators and companies engaged in interstate commerce are required to comply with the regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

DOT drug and alcohol testing is mandatory for safety-sensitive employees, including commercial drivers. These tests aim to detect drug or alcohol use that could impair a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely.



Any Auto provides liability coverage for any auto owned, hired, rented, borrowed, leased, or used for the insured’s business.

  • Coverage must be in writing with Bodily Injury / Property Damage liability coverage.
  • Coverage limits must match Bodily Injury / Property Damage liability limits.
  • Acceptability is limited to specific business types.
  • Acceptability is limited by the annual cost of hired (rented, leased, or borrowed) vehicles.
  • Policy term and tenure determine the acceptable number of employees at the insured’s business. All new business policies are limited to 10 or fewer employees at the insured’s business. With each additional policy year, the acceptable number of employees allowed increases. With semi-annual policies, the insured can only increase the number of employees after a complete year of commercial auto insurance.
  • Progressive reserves the right to audit.


Any auto liability designates at the time of the accident you (Edgar Barzaga) were driving an auto owned by your firm. Any auto includes autos owned by a named insured. The claim should be covered because you are an insured, and the vehicle you were driving when the accident occurred is a covered auto.


Hired auto coverage can help fill the gap in your personal auto liability insurance for work driving (note: personal policies tend to exclude this activity). It can even take the place of the liability coverage you may need for a rental car. It’s important to know that Hired Auto coverage can address your company’s liability, but it doesn’t offer liability protection for the person driving the car. Whoever was behind the wheel may be personally liable for third-party injuries or property damage.


Hired Auto provides liability coverage for hired (rented, leased or borrowed) vehicles occasionally used for the insured’s business.

  • Coverage must be written with Bodily Injury / Property Damage liability.
  • Coverage limits must match Bodily Injury / Property Damage liability limits.
  • Acceptability is limited to specific business types.
  • Acceptability is limited by the annual cost of hired (rented, leased, or borrowed) vehicles.
  • Progressive reserves the right to audit.


Non-owned auto coverage can help pay for legal expenses if your business is sued over a car accident you or your employees caused while driving a personal vehicle for business errands. Just like Hired Auto, it only covers the company’s liability, and its role is to fill the gap in personal auto liability coverage, which doesn’t cover business driving. Keep in mind that whoever was driving can still be held personally liable for any damage or injuries they cause.


Scheduled auto coverage Each vehicle you use in your business can be separately “scheduled,” or listed on your policy along with corresponding coverages. In other words, you can choose different coverages, for your various vehicles, depending on the vehicle’s characteristics and the coverage you need for it.
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